Is Annie Sloan Available at Home Depot? Lowes? Amazon?

Technically, Annie Sloan’s chalk paint is the one true brand of chalk paint. After all, chalk paint was invented and trademarked by Annie Sloan. The famous Chalk Paint™ has transformed the furniture and decorative painting industry since its inception in the 1990s.

This matte paint is popular for its ease of use, coverage, and adhesion. It is also great to use indoors and outdoors.

But, where can you get this legendary paint for your furniture painting project?

Is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Amazon? In this post, we’ll talk about where to buy the original chalk paint.


Unfortunately, you can’t buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other big hardware stores. Even Amazon doesn’t carry this popular brand. 

This paint medium is only available on Annie Sloan’s website and some approved independent paint retailers worldwide.

Annie Sloan chalk paint availability chart

Does Home Depot sell Annie Sloan paint?

No, you can’t buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Home Depot. This home improvement retailer carries a vast variety of paint mediums, but it typically doesn’t have specialty or niche paints. However, it does offer some chalky-matte paint alternatives to Annie Sloan’. These are:

  • Behr’s Interior Chalk Decorative Paint
  • Rust Oleum’s Chalk Paint
  • Americana’s Chalky Finish

Alternatively, you can check out these other furniture paint options available at Home Depot:

  • Milk paint
  • Acrylic paint
  • Latex paint
  • Enamel paint

Note that different branches carry different brands and paint types, so we always recommend checking online or calling before going to the store. Alternatively, save the drive to the store and order your paint via Home Depot’s website.

Does Lowe’s sell Annie Sloan paint?

Lowe’s is another popular home improvement retailer that carries different paint mediums. However, it also does not sell Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. Similar to Home Depot, this store doesn’t typically offer niche paints. But, it does carry some alternative brands that you can try. These chalky-matte paints include:

  • Magnolia Home’s Chalk Style Paint
  • Rust-Oleum’s Chalked Paint
  • Krylon’s Chalky Finish
  • Amy Howard’s One-Step Paint

Alternatively, you can also purchase other paint mediums for your furniture painting. Some of the best mediums that are available at Lowe’s are:

  • Enamel paint
  • All-in-One paint
  • Acrylic paint
  • Latex paint
  • Milk paint

Like with Home Depot, you can check out what you need on Lowe’s website. They also have a delivery option if you would rather have your paint delivered to your doorstep. 

Does Amazon sell Annie Sloan paint? 

Unfortunately, you can’t purchase Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Amazon. Unlike the physical retailers discussed above, Amazon carries different specialty paints. This huge online retailer even has Dixie Belle, another great yet hard-to-find chalky paint brand.

Besides Dixie Belle’s, you can also check out these other chalky-matte paint brands:

  • FolkArt’s Home Décor Chalk
  • Country Chic’s All-in-One
  • Retique It’s Furniture & Cabinet Paint
  • Americana Décor’s Chalky Finish
  • Shabby Chic’s Chalk-based Furniture Paint

Amazon is the go-to online retailer if you want to try chalk paint brands for your furniture painting project. It carries more alternative options than Home Depot and Lowe’s. It also has other types of paint such as mineral paint, milk paint, latex paint, and more. 

Amazon also offers complimentary two-day shipping for its Amazon Prime subscribers. This is a great deal if you need your paint as soon as possible.

Where to buy Annie Sloan paint? 

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint is available in 43 different colors. And they’re only available via their website for certain countries and in select resellers or Stockists worldwide.

Annie Sloan’s headquarters is in Oxford, England. As of this writing, Annie Sloan’s products only ship to select European countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, France, Luxembourg, and Poland.

For people in the USA and other countries, Chalk Paint can only be found in select physical stores. And not all the US states have approved resellers, so you will have to check their website to find the one nearest you. Annie Sloan currently has 50 approved Stockists worldwide.

We recommend checking out the Stockists near you because each of them is very knowledgeable about the product, and can even instruct you on proper painting techniques. Some may even offer painting workshops that help you develop your style and practical painting skills.

Besides the famed Chalk Paint, you can also try Annie Sloan’s Wall Paint and Satin Paint for your next paint project. We also recommend checking out Annie Sloan’s Colour Cards, which show an accurate representation of each paint color and offer tips for creating color schemes. This way you can chalk paint your furniture with confidence. 



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