Best Colors to Flip Furniture

A paint job can add tremendous value to the furniture you’re flipping. A masterful paint job can make a piece of furniture sell for significantly more than in its pre-restored state.

Although the type of paint you use on furniture matters, the color that you choose is extremely important as well. Choose poorly, and you could have a piece of furniture sitting in your house for months and not get much interest.

Fortunately, there is an element of strategy in picking furniture colors. With the right approach, you can pick winning colors to maximize the value of your furniture.

In this post, you can discover the best colors to flip furniture with.

Black, white, beige, and gray: The dependable four

Furniture painted black, white, beige, and gray will always be popular. These four colors are extremely neutral and furniture in these colors can complement practically any home decor. Whether the style of the decor is modern, farmhouse, or traditional, furniture painted in these four colors will fit right in.

That being said if your sole focus as a furniture flipper is to refinish furniture and sell it as quickly as possible to maximize monthly revenue from your business, consider sticking primarily to these four colors.

Sound boring? It might sound that way. However, keep in mind that you don’t need to use the same shade of black, white, gray, or beige paint for every project. Most reputable paint brands offer dozens of shades of white paint for furniture alone. Creamy white looks much different than vanilla white.

Although these colors might seem bland, there are numerous variations of each that you can experiment with to mix things up.

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How to identify trending colors

Although black, white, gray, and beige will always be in style, there are certainly other popular colors. However, some colors are more popular than others. It’s important to have an idea of what paint colors are currently popular for furniture to select colors that are attractive to the masses.

Fortunately, you get valuable insight into what colors are currently trending by leveraging Pinterest. With a Pinterest Business account, you have access to “trends”, an analytics tool that allows you to see how often people are searching certain keywords.

For instance, if you are interested in seeing how popular sage green dressers currently are, you should enter the keyword “sage green dresser” in Pinterest tends to see how much search volume the particular keyword has received in the last few months:

Interest in sage green dressers on pinterest over time

As you can see, the keyword started to become increasingly popular at the very end of 2021. The data suggests that early 2022 would have been an ideal time to paint a dresser sage green since this is when most people were searching for sage green dressers in this time frame.

One of the best parts about this tool is also provides you with the most popular pins based on the keyword(s) you enter. The following pins were provided by Pinterest for the sage green dresser keyword:


These pins are a great way to get inspiration for refurbishing your next pieces of furniture. You can get great ideas from these posts regarding hardware, paint finish, detailing, and more.

Suffice it to say that Pinterest is valuable. By leveraging Pinterest effectively, you don’t need to guess what furniture colors will result in fast sales. Rather, you can leverage the wealth of data that Pinterest offers on popular furniture colors.

Hardware and accent colors

Although the primary color you paint your furniture is most important, consider accent colors as well.

Accent colors complement the primary color of the furniture in one way or another. Typically, choosing a good accent color is important when selecting new hardware for furniture.

For instance, take sage green dressers as mentioned before. Gold hardware is popular for sage green and forest green dressers (such as the one in the image below). 

Consider exploring Pinterest to determine the best accent colors for your next few flips.

Final Words

In addition to choosing the right paint colors for your project, consider the other furniture flipping supplies that you will inevitably need to make your furniture come out stunning.

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