Best Furniture to Flip for Profit

Furniture flipping can be a lot of fun. However, if your goal is to maximize profits from your business it’s important to be strategic.

Not all furniture under the sun can be flipped for a large profit. It’s important to be selective when finding furniture to restore and sell so that you can make the most money with the time that you invest in your projects.

Not only is the type of furniture important to consider, but the condition is important as well. A slightly broken piece of furniture could be purchased for cheap, fixed up, and sold for a large profit.

In this post, you will discover the best furniture to flip for profit. You’ll learn about the qualities to look for in these types of furniture to maximize returns.


The best furniture to flip for profit include:

  • Dressers
  • Nightstands
  • Desks
  • Tables
  • TV stands
  • Couches

Qualities of good furniture to flip for profit

Theoretically, you can flip any type of furniture in any condition. Unless the furniture is completely falling apart, at the right price, someone may be willing to buy.

However, if you are interested in profitable furniture flipping, you should strive to find furniture with the right qualities.

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The bigger the better

If your aim is to make the most profit per piece of furniture you flip, generally you should try to find furniture on the large side. The reason is simple: the larger the furniture, the more expensive it likely is, and the larger your profits will likely be.

30% profit on a $300 dollar dresser is much more money than 30% profit on a $50 dollar lamp.

The only downside is that it’s logistically harder to sell large furniture.

Furniture must be a timeless design

Generally, you want to look for furniture that will look good in any household, no matter what the style of the decor is.

That being said, antiques aren’t the most strategic pieces to flip since there isn’t as much demand for antiques as ordinary furniture. While there certainly is a market for antique furniture, most people aren’t interested in having fragile or outdated furniture in their homes.

In contrast, you should avoid super modern “artistic” looking furniture. Furniture that looks like it should be part of a futuristic sci-fi movie set might look cool, but it’s probably not what most people desire in their home.

Potential for value add

Furniture that you can add value to through restoration will help you maximize profits.

A structurally sound but weathered-looking nightstand with chipping paint might be worth 30 bucks to most. However, a new paint job and new hardware can boost the worth of the furniture by 100% – 200%.

Not only that but worn-down furniture can also be bought for super cheap or even for free.

Best furniture to flip for profit

The general price ranges for the most profitable used furniture to flip are as follows: 

Keep in mind there are always exceptions: furniture can be more or less expensive than the given ranges.

Let’s take a closer look at these items:


Dressers are great to flip because they are always in demand. They are generally on the expensive side, making them very profitable to sell as long as you purchase them for a reasonable price.

Estimated selling price: $150 – $350 


If possible try to purchase nightstands in pairs. People typically like matching nightstands on each side of their bed. Furthermore, you can make twice as much profit selling two nightstands than just one.

Estimated selling price: $50 – $150 (per nightstand)


Given that more people are working from home than ever, desks are in demand. And since they are generally large pieces of furniture, they can sell for a handsome profit.

Estimated selling price: $100 – $350 

Dining room tables

Although end tables and coffee tables are good to flip, you can make the most money with large dining room tables. Just be sure that you and a partner can lift the furniture when it’s time to sell.

Estimated selling price: $200 – $500 

TV stands

TV stands can be great value-add pieces if they are paintable.

Estimated selling price: $50 – $150 


Unlike other furniture in this list, it is hard to add value to couches.

Nightstands, dressers, tables, and similar wood furniture can be stained or painted to increase their value. You just can’t do the same for a couch. The only way you can add value to a couch is by thoroughly cleaning it, removing stains if possible, and replacing broken legs if needed.

However, the reason why couches are still great to flip is that they are always in demand, and you can easily acquire them for free. It’s astounding how often you see perfectly usable couches sitting on the sidewalk for disposal.

Other great pieces of furniture to flip include:

  • Storage chest
  • Chairs
  • Bed frame
  • Bookshelves

Estimated selling price: $100 – $300 

Furniture not to sell

There are some qualities in furniture that are a big red flag and you would probably be better off disposing of the furniture.

Cheap furniture that has been used typically doesn’t have much value. Refinishing it can certainly increase the value, but the added selling price might not justify the work invested into the furniture.

Additionally, if you find that the furniture has been severely worn down or damaged to the point where it’s difficult to repair, avoid trying to flip the furniture. If it seems very difficult to fix, it’s best to take a pass.

Final words: What to consider when purchasing furniture

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing furniture to flip is the amount of time it will take to upcycle the piece.

If you want to make the maximum profit from each flip, only find the pieces of furniture that are in excellent condition, and undamaged. Quality furniture will always pay well and you won’t need to invest much time and energy prepping the furniture.

If you plan to paint your furniture, consider the best colors to flip furniture for profit as well.

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