7 Best Materials to Line Dresser Drawers

Lining dresser drawers can serve a few purposes. It can make the insides of drawers look beautiful, and can also help protect drawers from wear and tear.

The question is what to line dresser drawers with.

Ultimately, there are a few common types of materials that you can use to line the insides of your drawers.

In this post, we will discuss the 7 best materials to line dresser drawers.


Felt is one of the most popular ways to cover dresser drawers. Typically drawer felt comes in a roll, and you can unravel and cut as much as you need to perfectly fit the inside perimeter of your drawer.

Often drawer felt has a sticky backside that you can peel off before applying it to the surface you want to cover. The trick is making sure that the material lines up perfectly with the area of contact. Be sure to pat it down to make sure it sticks in place.

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Drawer liner

Possibly the simplest way to cover dresser drawers is by using basic drawer liners. Non-adhesive, anti-slip mesh drawer liners can easily be slipped onto the bottom of drawers. No need to apply a sticky side to the bottom of drawers.

There are all sorts of varieties of drawer liners with different textures and colors. Some have very basic mesh structures and others are completely solid all the way through. Drawer liners can help to make sure that the materials inside the dresser drawer stay in place when the drawers are opened and closed. They aren’t necessarily used for stylistic effect.

Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is one of the most creative ways to line dresser drawers. After all, you can use a wide variety of different wrapping paper styles to line your drawers. This is more of a “fun” solution but you can also make wrapping paper look handsome and professional if it’s a muted, tasteful style.

The only downside is that, unlike other solutions, wrapping paper doesn’t have an adhesive side to it. You have to use glue to hold the wrapping paper into place. It’s slightly messier than other solutions but it can be completely worth it if done neatly.


Leather is another common way to line drawers but it isn’t nearly as popular as felt. It’s a great way to give your drawers a slick, polished look especially if the color looks good against the rest of the dresser.

Additionally, the items you put on the inside of the drawer will be less prone to sliding around given the grippy texture of the leather. It’s a great way to store jewelry or other small items but certainly can be used for storing clothes or anything else for that matter.


Velvet is an extremely popular way to line dresser drawers. Similar to leather, velvet has a grippy texture. Often people use velvet to line the top drawers of dressers because it helps to keep jewelry in the same place even when drawers are being pulled in and out quickly.

Black, red, or royal green drawer liner is a powerful way to make a dresser look a bit more classy. Fortunately, you can buy a velvet drawer liner with an adhesive back side that can be easily applied to flat wood. Craft stores or Amazon are great places to check out different styles.


Similar to wrapping paper, wallpaper is a crafty material for drawer liners. If you find a good pattern, it can really brighten up the inside of a drawer and make the dresser stand in a very unique way. And just like wrapping paper, you can get a ton of it for very cheap.

There is a variety of interesting designs that you can use to brighten up the insides of your drawers.

Wallpaper can also be used to cover damaged dresser tops as well if you want to tastefully conceal and protect your dresser. 

Maps, graphs, books, newspaper, and other materials

Creative ways to line drawers such as using maps, newspapers, book pages, and various other items is a creative way to bring life into a dresser. You can really think outside the box with this one and give your furniture a unique flare and character. For instance, if you have a nautical-themed dresser you could line the inside of the drawers with pages of Moby Dick.

Final words

There are many ways to line drawers. You just have to consider the dresser’s style and what type of fabric would complement it. However, keep in mind that lining your dresser drawers is one of the many things you can do to upcycle your furniture. Learn how to flip furniture here







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