5 Excellent Clay-Based Paint Brands

If you’re looking for paint that doesn’t require much prep work and is durable enough not to require a top coat, then you might want to try clay-based paint. It’s a water-based paint similar to chalk paint in many ways.

But unlike chalk paint, clay-based paint doesn’t rub off easily even without a top coat. Not only that, but clay paint contains natural ingredients and is very eco-friendly. 

In this post, you will discover 5 excellent clay-based paint brands that you can use for your next project. 


Clay-based paints have a smooth, matte finish similar to chalk paint. However, clay-based paint is a bit more durable.

Here are 5 excellent clay-based paint brands:

  • Bioshield Clay Paint
  • MudPaint Clay Funiture Paint
  • Earthborn Clay Paint
  • DIY Paint
  • Dixie Belle Terra Clay Paint

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Bioshield Clay Paint

If you’re looking for a self-priming, spatter-resistant paint that has strong coverage, Bioshield clay paint might just be what you’re looking for. It has an ultra-matte sheen and comes in many colors (their website states that their current color palette consists of 84 colors).

Bioshield clay paint is designed to be used on interior surfaces such as indoor walls or ceilings. It’s great for refinishing furniture too. It can adhere to dry, absorbent, grease-free surfaces such as wood, firmly hung wallpaper, clay plaster, and most drywall. It can even be applied over previously painted surfaces without a dedicated primer in many cases.

While Bioshield clay paint is durable enough on its own, top coating it with Bioshield transparent wall glaze will improve its water resistance and make it more washable.

For the best results, apply two coats of Bioshield clay paint. Apply it using a paintbrush or paint roller.

A gallon of this paint will cost you around $60 to $68 depending on the tint if you purchase directly from Bioshield’s website. You can also get it from Green Building Supply.

View Bioshield products at bioshieldpaint.com

MudPaint Clay Funiture Paint

MudPaint is one of the most popular clay-based paint brands specifically made for furniture. Their clay furniture paint is arguably thicker, richer, and creamier than chalk paint and other clay-based paint brands. In most cases, a single coat could be enough to cover the furniture you’re painting (though it wouldn’t hurt to apply one more for added durability).

MudPaint has a smooth and soft matte finish, and it comes in 39+ colors (which can be mixed together). You can apply it with a brush, roller, or even a paint sprayer (make sure to thin it with water first). It can adhere to most surfaces even without a dedicated primer. It dries fast too and you can recoat within just 3+ hours depending on the humidity in your area.

You can directly purchase their paint from the official company website. Their prices range from $2.95 to $38.95, depending on the size of the can (4oz, 8oz, 16oz, and 32 oz).

View MudPaint products at mudpaint.com

Earthborn Clay Paint

Earthborn is a brand that originates in the UK. They have been awarded the first UK license of the EU Ecolabel for Indoor Paints and Varnishes. They offer an impressive range of environmentally friendly paint products.

Their Earthborn Claypaint series is available in 75 shades that all come in a luxurious, ultra-matt finish. It’s specifically made for interior walls and ceilings, but it can be made durable enough for furniture with the help of their furniture glaze or wax.

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It has exceptional breathability and can be safely applied indoors. It has no odor and has a very low VOC content of less than 0.5g/L. It’s safe to use even for those who have asthma and allergies.

You can directly purchase their Claypaint from small-time paint retailers. It comes in 100ml, 2.5L, and 5L cans, with the price ranging from $7.19 to $98.96.

View Earthborn Clay Paint on ecopaintsofamerica.com

DIY Paint

DIY Paint is unique among the other clay-based paint brands in this list in that it’s not entirely clay-based. Rather, it’s a clay- AND chalk-based paint. This gives it a unique kind of finish that other clay-based paints don’t provide.

In most cases, you can get away without sanding and priming when using DIY paint. This saves a lot of time and effort compared to using other common water-based paint brands such as latex and acrylic. DIY paint also dries fast (you can recoat it in as quick as 15 minutes, depending on the climate).

DIY paint doesn’t have any latex or acrylic resins, and it’s easy to distress. Just like chalk paint, you can distressed furniture painted with DIY paint either with a wet cloth or a dry sanding block. 

You can purchase DIY paint directly from their DIY Paint Co. It comes in 8oz, 16oz, and 32 oz cans, and the price ranges from $13 to $33.

View DIY Paint on diypaint.co

Dixie Belle Terra Clay Paint

Dixie Belle is known for their Chalk Mineral Paint but did you know that they also offer clay-based paint? Terra Clay Paint is a clay-based artisan paint that comes in 18 interesting colors such as Moon Beam and Lani’s Lagoon. It’s designed to be used on furniture.

Since Terra Clay Paint is clay-based, it’s a lot thicker than their Chalk Mineral Paint. In most cases, one coat of Terra Clay Paint is often enough to cover a surface. It dries quickly also and can be recoated within only 2 hours.

Terra Clay Paint comes in 4oz ($10.95) and 16oz ($26.95) plastic containers. You can directly buy it on Dixie Belle Paint’s website. You can also use their nifty tool which allows you to find local retailers near your location.

View Dixiew Belle Terra Clay Paint on dixiebellepaint.com











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