11 Refinishing Furniture Blogs You NEED to Follow

Refinishing an old piece of wood furniture can give it a new breath of life. By refinishing furniture, you can restore its original appearance or give it a new look altogether with a fresh paint job. 

Without proper guidance, refinishing furniture can be challenging. However, you can find practically all the information you need on the internet to learn how to refinish furniture like a pro. The only question is, what are the best blogs to follow to learn the essential furniture refinishing tips and tricks?

In this post, we’ll cover 11 refinishing furniture blogs that you need to follow.

Furniture Flip Central

Furniture Flip Central doesn’t just focus on the art and science of furniture flipping; it focuses on the techniques and steps to painting and upcycling furniture. 

In this blog you will find posts about various finishing furniture topics such as staining, painting, prepping, and fixing furniture. More specifically, the blog discusses how you can economically upcycle furniture and maximize its profit if you decide to sell it. To learn more about how to flip furniture click here

Salvaged Inspirations

Salvage Inspirations is a furniture painting blog owned by Denise, a DIY enthusiast. In it, you’ll find tons of posts that show her DIY projects. Not only that, the blog also has easy-to-follow tutorials that come in written and video form.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next furniture painting project, this blog has dedicated posts about Denise’s DIY projects. They are written with a certain charm that makes them enjoyable to read.

Salvage Inspirations also has a YouTube channel that currently has 38.4K subscribers. It contains tons of short how-to-tutorial videos which are entertaining and easy to understand.

Austin Furniture Repair

Austin Furniture Repair is business first, but it does have blog posts about refurbishing furniture. Some refinishing projects discuss what amateurs do to refinish furniture, but blog is created by true professionals who know their stuff. 

By exploring the blog, you should be able to learn how to refurbish furniture, what tools you’ll need, and a lot more. You can also learn how to protect and maintain the condition of your furniture.

My Repurposed Life

If you’re looking for a furniture makeover blog, then My Repurposed Life is a great choice. Here, you can find furniture makeover posts, as well as posts about repurposed projects. It’s a great blog to get inspiration from.

Gail Wilson is the owner of this blog. As her profile states, she’s obsessed with finding potential in unexpected places. She believes that any old thing can be made useful again, which explains why she went the route of repurposing furniture.

Many of her repurposed projects are items that have been cast off by family and friends. 

The Shabby Creek Cottage

The Shabby Creek Cottage is a blog owned by Gina Luker, a quirk-obsessed DIY addict (as stated in her profile). While it’s not entirely dedicated to refinishing furniture, the blog contains tons of ideas for DIY projects. And they’re written in a way that’s easy to follow. 

This blog is a great place to look for inspiration for your next refinishing project. Whether it be a big refinishing project or a simple decorating one, the Shabby Creek Cottage is a great resource for you.

You can also find drink and dinner recipes in this blog if you’re interested.

Furniture Flipping Teacher

Furniture Flipping Teacher is technically not a blog but a vlog. Instead of blog posts, you’ll find videos about furniture flipping and home makeover. It is run by Lauren, a full-time kindergarten teacher. She does furniture flipping as a side hustle.

Her vlog documents her projects, showing the process of arriving at the end product. Her profession as a teacher also shows in her delivery. You are sure to learn something when you watch one of her videos.

Thirty Eight Street

This blog contains a ton of posts about repurposing and refinishing furniture. It’s a great resource for those who are looking to give their furniture a renewed appearance. Not only does it contain tutorials, but it also has furniture refinishing ideas that you can use as inspiration.

This blog also has a nifty feature: you can search content by specific types of furniture or painting techniques. Say for example, you’re looking to refinish a table. With this feature, you don’t have to search the entire blog to find the types of posts you’re interested in. 

KRay Custom Refinish

KRay, the owner of KRay Custom Refinish, posts a lot of her refinishing furniture projects. She writes her blog posts as if she’s telling a story. You won’t be bored while browsing her blog. 

She has free DIY resources that you can download and print so you don’t have to always use Google search for answers. Examples of these are reference guides (or cheat sheets) for staining wood, sandpaper grit, common furniture wood type, and many more.

Kaleidoscope Living

Are you looking to refinish your furniture but you’re on a tight budget? Then the Kaleidoscope Living blog should be a great resource for you. It contains tons of blog posts about thrifty DIY renovations and projects. It also has some nifty design tips and tricks. 

It also has posts pertaining to interior design. This is great if you’re looking to match your refinishing project with a particular design.

Edith & Evelyn

Edith & Evelyn is a refinishing furniture blog that specializes in a particular style. Cindy, the owner of the blog, refers to it as a “Vintage French Chateau, with a bit of Farmhouse thrown in here and there”. 

Rather than teaching you the basics, the blog posts about Cindy’s projects. It’s a great resource if you’re looking to give your furniture a vintage-style finish. In it, you’ll find several posts about how she does her furniture projects.

Just The Woods

Just The Woods has tons of refinishing furniture blog posts, and posts about painting furniture. The posts are accompanied by pictures to show the process and progress of every project.

The posts show different finishes, such as metallic paint, black wood stain, old world, etc. that the blog owner uses for furniture upcycling projects. Aside from that, there are also plenty of educational posts about how to block stain bleedthrough in paint for instance. 

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