Replacing Chippendale Drawer Pulls: A Brief Guide

Chippendale drawer pulls can get tarnished over the years. The weathered look can give some dressers an authentic, vintage look, but the Chippendale drawer pulls can also be a real eye-sore.

To restore an old dresser you might want to replace the Chippendale drawer pulls. Fortunately, replacing Chippendale drawer pulls is easier than you might think.

Furthermore, you can likely find near replicas or even other styles of drawer pulls to give your furniture some more character.

In this post, you can learn how to replace Chippendale drawer pulls step by step.

Remove the screws and the drawer pulls

First, open the first drawer of your dresser. In the inside of the drawer, you will find screws securing the drawer pull in place. Use a screwdriver to remove each of the screws holding each drawer pull in place.

Place each drawer pull and its screws on the ground or in a bag so that you can use them on a different project.

Remove all of the drawer pulls from each of the drawers.

Take measurements

Next, you will need to take some measurements to determine the size of the drawer pull that you will purchase. Measure the drawer pull laterally from hole to hole. Keep in mind that you should measure from the very centers of each hole, rather than trying to measure from the very start of the hole to the very start of the next.

Jot down the measurement.

Purchase new drawer pulls

There are a few ways to buy Chippendale drawer pulls. Furniture and antique restoration ecommerce stores sell replacement parts such as Chippendale drawer pulls. A few of these outlets include:


You can find a variety of Chippendale drawer pulls at ecommerce stores like these. However, you can also find a wide selection on Amazon. Check out these drawer pulls on Amazon for instance. 

On Etsy, you can find various drawer pulls that people have discarded from furniture. However, the condition of these drawer pulls is usually not brand new. 

You can scour any of these sites to find Chippendale drawer pulls that look exactly like your removed ones but in better condition.

Alternatively, you can update your furniture with different types of drawer pulls altogether. If you go this route you may need to wipe down the areas where each drawer pull lived in order to remove any gunk buildup creating an outline where the old drawer pulls were.

Regardless of where you purchase the drawer pulls, make sure to purchase the drawer pulls in the right dimensions.

Keep in mind that you can also purchase other types of drawer pulls other than Chippendale drawer pulls. For instance, you can completely modernize your dresser by installing contemporary metal fixtures.

Replace the drawer pull (attach new hardware)

Unbox your new drawer pulls and screws and get to work. Align the holes of your drawer pull with the holes in the drawer. From here, screw the drawer pull it into place, and do the same for the rest of the fixtures.

Final words

On the off chance that your drawer pulls are glued into place, you may need to take a different approach to remove drawer pulls without screws. Rather than removing your old drawer pulls by unscrewing you will need to pry them off instead. 

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