What is Mineral Paint? (+ Best Brands to Look for)

Latex and acrylic paints are probably the most well-known types of paint for painting furniture. 

However, there are other ‘niche’ paints that have become quite popular as well. For instance, chalk paint is well-liked for its easy application and its lovely matte finish. 

Similar to chalk paint, mineral paint has grown in popularity over the years. With its self-leveling finish, built-in top coat, and natural ingredients, there is a lot to like about mineral paint. 

But what is mineral paint in the first place?

In this post, you will discover everything you need to know about mineral paint so that you can determine if it’s the right paint for you. 


Mineral paint is a water-based paint that’s made up of natural minerals for its color pigments. Typically used for furniture, it requires minimal prep work and can adhere to many surfaces even without a primer. It also has a built-in top coat so you don’t need to apply wax.

What is Mineral Paint?

As its name suggests, mineral paint is a water-based paint made up of natural minerals for its color pigments. Other ingredients usually include quartz sand, potassium carbonate, and mineral fillers. A mineral paint’s binder may either be mineral/inorganic (e.g. potassium silicate, quartz stone) or organic (e.g. silicone resin).

Compared to other water-based paints such as latex or chalk paint, mineral paint is probably the most environmentally friendly due to its natural ingredients. It also emits low to zero amounts of VOCs. It gives a finish that can be described as modern matte but smooth (not chalky).

Mineral paint will adhere to many surfaces even without sanding. However, you should still lightly sand the surface you’ll be painting, especially if it’s glossy. You usually won’t need a primer when using mineral paint. However, if you are working with mahogany or another type of wood high in tannins, it’s always good to prime first to avoid bleed-through

Since mineral paint is very durable once it fully cures, you won’t need a top coat. By avoiding priming and applying a top coat, you can paint pieces much more efficiently than with other paints. 

While the application of mineral paint can be done quickly, it does take a long time to dry and fully cure. Most mineral paints can be dry to the touch within 2 hours, but it can take up to 30 days for them to fully cure.

Mineral paint can be used indoors or outdoors. That said, its durability and capability to resist water make it ideal for outdoor applications. It’s also naturally UV-resistant.

Mineral Paint vs Chalk Paint

Mineral paint and chalk paint are often compared since they share many of the same characteristics. Let’s start with what they have in common first. 

Both are water-based paints, which means that you only need soap and water for cleanup. Both require minimal prep work and often don’t need a primer (although it can only help). Lastly, both are commonly used for painting furniture.

As for the differences, let’s start with the composition of each type of paint. As already mentioned, mineral paint is made up of natural ingredients: it contains natural minerals for its color pigments. On the other hand, chalk paint, like most other paints, uses synthetic pigments. The make-up of chalk paint will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but it will usually contain a variety of acrylic resins, synthetic pigments, and a water-based solvent.

Mineral paint is durable enough that it doesn’t need a top coat. The same can’t be said with chalk paint though. Chalk paint is porous, so it will need a top coat such as wax or polyurethane to last longer. If left bare, it will mark and scuff very easily. It can also be easily accidentally washed off with water.

As for the finish, bare chalk paint is known for its classic matte, chalky appearance which gives the painted piece an aged look. In contrast, mineral paint gives the painted piece a look that could be described as a modern matte finish. It’s smooth and stylish, but not chalky.

Best Mineral Paint for Furniture: Top Mineral Paint Brands

Now that we know what mineral paint is and what it does, it’s time to talk about which brands to look out for. If you’re planning to use mineral paint for your project, you might as well assess your options.

Fusion Mineral Paint 

“Annie Sloan” is to chalk paint as “Fusion” is to mineral paint. Fusion is the first brand to launch a comprehensive collection of mineral paints. There are lots of colors to choose from (over 70 color choices). Fusion Paint also offers brushes that are specially made for mineral paint.

Their website has a nifty “Techniques+Tips” section containing several guides you can use when using mineral paint. Some of them are even downloadable.

With its strong selection of colors, a wide array of complementary products, and accessible guides, it’s hard to go wrong with Fusion as your choice of mineral paint.

Fusion Mineral Paint isn’t available at Home Depot, or other big box hardware stores. However, it can be purchased through the official Fusion mineral paint website and specialty paint stores. 

Available here on Amazon

Dixie Belle Silk Paint 

Dixie Belle, a family-owned company, also has its own version of mineral paint in the form of Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint. Not to be confused with their chalk mineral paint (which is essentially chalk paint), Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One offers a range of colors inspired by the sea. Its color selection may not be as wide as Fusion’s, but it’s still a great choice if you want to use mineral paint.

Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint comes in small containers, which is a downside. But it has great coverage so a little can go a long way. 

You can directly buy Dixie Belle products, including Dixie Bellt Silk All-In-One, from their website. They also have a nifty tool that will help you locate a local Dixie Belle retailer near your location.

Available here on Amazon

Serenity By Cottage Paint 

Cottage Paint is a brand known to many DIY enthusiasts. Their mineral paint offering, Serenity, is loved by many. 

Cottage Paint advertises Serenity as a no priming, no sanding, and no stripping kind of mineral paint. Nevertheless, like any paint, it’s still best to do some light sanding before painting. At the very least, you should clean your furniture before painting

With Serenity, you can choose between a soft silky smooth finish or a velvety flat one. It comes in 58 colors. You can even make custom blends if you want.

Serenity by Cottage Paint is a great choice if you want to use mineral paint. It’s another product that you can find on the shelves of a Home Depot store.

Available here on Amazon

Aspire Mineral Paint

If you’re health-conscious and/or care a great deal about the environment, then Aspire Mineral Paint is for you. Its ingredients are all-natural, and it’s solvent-free. It does not contain acrylic, latex, fungicide, and co-polymers. What’s more, it has zero VOCs, so it doesn’t smell, unlike most other paints.

Even though the brand uses natural ingredients, Aspire offers bold and bright color options. But nevertheless, it has many neutral, earth-tone colors as well.

For more information on where you can buy Aspire Mineral paint, visit this page.

Visit aspirepaint.com








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