Where to Sell Flipped Furniture: 5 Best Places

It has never been easier to sell upcycled furniture. There are numerous outlets and online marketplaces that you can leverage. 

However, some places are better than others. It’s important to understand all your options before heading down a particular path. 

In this post, we will address where to sell flipped furniture so that you can sell your future pieces quickly and for as much money as possible. 


The best places to sell flipped furniture include: 

  • Facebook Marketplace 
  • Craigslist
  • Mobile apps such as OfferUp, Chairish, and 5miles 
  • Etsy
  • Local flea markets, vintage markets, and craft fairs

Where to Sell Your Refinished Furniture

1. Facebook Marketplace

If you’re trying to figure out where to sell refurbished furniture, Facebook Marketplace stands out as one of the best options. 

For starters, its large user base is a big plus. Facebook Marketplace, with billions of active users worldwide, has a large pool of potential buyers. Naturally, the larger the audience you can get your flipped furniture posting in front of, the greater the chances that you will sell it quickly. 

Secondly, by posting on Facebook marketplace, you can also easily promote your piece to your friends and family that follow you on Facebook as well. This can help your piece get even more exposure. 

Another huge perk of Facebook Marketplace is the platform gives you valuable data on how receptive Facebook users are to your listing. You can see how many people have clicked and saved your listing. This data can be incredibly valuable because it gives you insight into what types of furniture people are most receptive to.  

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2. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the oldest online marketplaces. Although the website’s formatting looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2005, it’s still an excellent place to sell furniture. 

Additionally, similar to Facebook marketplace, there are no fees associated with listing items on Craigslist. Cost-free platforms like Craigslist are very advantageous for individuals or small-scale flippers who may be on a tight budget.

3. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are a relatively new way to sell furniture. When leveraged strategically, mobile apps can be incredibly powerful for efficiently selling furniture. 


Proclaiming itself as the largest mobile marketplace for local transactions, OfferUp has a sizeable user base. It’s essentially like eBay, except instead of shipping products, buyers meet the sellers in person to pick up the item. 

OfferUp has an emphasis on simplicity and efficiency. Sellers may easily build beautiful listings using the app’s user-friendly design and easy features. The 30-second listing procedure lets sellers quickly submit images, create descriptions and set pricing for their furniture. This simple method saves sellers considerable time and effort.

Buyers can message sellers if interested in their listing. 


Chairish emerges as a trustworthy mobile app for selling flipped furniture, with a focus on high-end antique home décor. Chairish distinguishes itself from platforms such as OfferUp by establishing itself as an online marketplace that specializes in curating and exhibiting fine antique furnishings. What distinguishes Chairish is its emphasis on providing a free forum for vendors to showcase and promote their distinctive furniture pieces.

The app’s dedication to providing free accounts for merchants avoids the normal upfront expenditures associated with listing fees. This tool lets sellers promote their flipped furniture without incurring any financial costs, making it a cost-effective choice for individuals and small businesses wishing to market their reconditioned items to a specific audience.


5miles delivers a user-friendly and familiar atmosphere for dealers of flipped furniture by positioning itself as an online yard sale. 

The platform encourages a feeling of community. Through the app’s chat system, users may interact with others, ask questions, negotiate rates, and create connections. This community-oriented approach fosters trust and openness, allowing for simpler transactions and connecting vendors and buyers.

4. Etsy

While selling furniture locally and arranging for buyer pickup is a simple and practical means of selling, Etsy elevates the selling experience by providing the option to ship furniture. You can easily ship domestically and even internationally. 

As you can imagine, exporting furniture via Etsy is a more complicated procedure than local pickup transactions. Sellers must think about things like packing, insurance, shipping expenses, and logistical coordination. Despite the extra work, many sellers believe that the benefits of accessing a larger consumer base through Etsy’s shipping option are well worth it.

5. Local flea markets, vintage markets, and craft fairs

Flea markets and craft fairs are great places for small business owners to offer secondhand décor and handcrafted goods.

One of the benefits of flea markets is that potential purchasers may examine and check your furniture before making a purchase. This distinguishes flea markets from online platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Etsy, where purchasers do not have the option to inspect the goods in person.

A quick Google search should help you find the closest available options. Once you’ve found a good flea market, register your company and set up a stand to sell your furniture.

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Taking your furniture flipping business to the next level

Start off by selling your furniture through the options above. However, as your business picks up speed, you can take extra measures to grow your business faster.

Create an ecommerce site

Creating an ecommerce site is an excellent way to promote and sell your flipped furniture pieces.

First things first you will need to choose an ecommerce platform. Shopify is a popular option because it’s relatively intuitive to work with and doesn’t require a background in coding. 

Shopify, Bigcommerce, Ecwid, or any other ecommerce tool allows you to basically sell your furniture as you would through Etsy. The only difference is you have complete control over the platform, and you can customize your store’s design however you see fit. 

Note that having an ecommerce store only makes sense if you are thinking about shipping your furniture. 

Promote your flipped pieces on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect platform for showcasing beautiful pictures of furniture makeovers. Some of the followers you will gain will just want to admire your pictures. Other followers in your local area may be interested in buying your furniture. By gaining a following of local people in your area, you can use Instagram as a megaphone for promoting your newly painted furniture pieces. 

You can also use Instagram as a means of connecting with other furniture flippers. 

Build an email list

An email list of prospective buyers of your furniture can be a powerful tool. You can strategically promote your newly upcycled pieces with email marketing campaigns. 

If your email list is big enough, all it could take is one email blast about your recently finished furniture piece to find an interested buyer. 

You can build your email list by promoting a newsletter signup form on social media, or your ecommerce site. 

Once you have gained some email subscribers, you can send updates about newly finished pieces. You can send email traffic either to your listings on Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, your ecommerce store, or any other platform where you are selling your furniture.

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